The upcoming weekend arrives with the festivities of the worlds largest cyclosportive. Starting in Motala, and stretching all around the second largest lake of Sweden the Vätternrundan hosts around 25 000 cyclists, taking on the challenge of enduring the flat 300 km route. The team of Stockholm Allied Powers aim to work together in a fast double paceline, smashing the course in seven hours and twenty minutes with an average speed of nearly 41 km/h.



Provided that the weather is relatively reasonable we will have a fair chance to succeed in this endeavour with our 40 strong riders battling the wind and the clock together as a team. A motivated team with a passionate dedication towards this challenging task,  starting on the saturday at 12.08 in Motala with a plan to be back in Motala at 19.28. No sooner and no later.

To prepare for this grande finale we have prepared our selves in a number of ways:

  • Building a team of equally handsome and equally strong riders from different clubs, coming together for a common goal.
  • With the help of our generous main sponsor Lindorff gearing up in our cool team kit, the most badass uniform of the present cycling world.
  • Investing our time in a number of training sessions honing and sharpening our performance as a team. Practising efficient riding while challenging ourselves with exercises taking us to the limits of our capabilities as a team, and in many cases also as an individual rider.
  • Riding the Skandisloppet in Uppsala as the fastest team ever to take on this cyclosportive companion to the oldest bike race in the world.
  • Sharing feedback with each other. Creating our own unique code, and reinventing the double pace line with our own bitter sweet flavour.
  • Individually pushing ourselves through exercising regimes, to make sure we are fit for the challenge a head of us (on average this includes riding roughly 4500 km year to date).

While preparing for the challenge, life it self have been happening along our side. With its own unpredictable behaviour. Some of the riders had a baby, some bought a house, a boat, a summer house, a few riders moved, some changed jobs and someone realized his brother were throwing a wedding at the day of Vätternrundan…

To mention a few of the seemingly randomized misfortunate events; two riders have crashed and suffered fractured collar bones, we have had a couple of thrombi in the team, at least one rider had a complex surgery and we have also had other injuries happening that in some cases will be stopping a few of the strongest and most appreciated riders from even starting the Vätternrundan together with the team.

Now, with just a few days before our main event taking place most of the riders are ramping down their exercising schedules. Making sure to eat and sleep well to recover, stay healthy, buffing up the glycogen levels and make sure to be prepared physically as well as mentally.

Most of us feel confident that we have prepared ourselves as well as we could have been. At least while taking all other circumstances of life into account where most of us have jobs, families, children and other things diverging attention away from our cycling passion. But we have to a large extent stayed dedicated to the task upon us and come saturday will be our D-day; the day we take on Vätternrundan together. Aiming to reach our common goal as a team.

We are wishing all other cyclists taking part of the cyclosportive of Vätternrundan an enjoyable ride and a memorable experience. Best of luck!

We do not ride fast, we fly low.
We are the Stockholm Allied Powers.

All photo: Jesper Alm