Eva Lindskog currently holds an unbelivable number of 2000 QOM!

This ranks her as the number one Swedish QOM holder, and according to the Strava Toolbox it translates to the 9th position world wide!
Eva is currently also the SUMO with the most KOM/QOM, if that is worrying you to know.

On the Strava Toolbox marcello brivio site you can  register and get a certificate like Eva’s above, and get your ranking compared with the rest of the registered riders. To get an actual QOM you will have to challenge a lot more riders, though, Strava now have millions of users and on some segments thousands of riders compete to be the fastest.

A QOM (Queen Of the Mountain) is given to the fastest cyclist on a Strava-segment, so this means that currently Eva is the fastest cat on 2000 such segments! The SUMO name of Eva is ”The QOM Cheetah”, a name that she most certainly lives up to…

A year back I made an interview with Eva when she hit 1000 QOM, and today I decided to go back and do an interview with my club mate once again.

Photo: Jean-Martin Wiederseiner, Eva attacking the Weidhofweg climb.


– Gongratulations to your wonderfull achievement Eva! 2000 QOM, that is really a remarkable number!
While the rest of us are beating the living hell out of ourselves to capture that self-defined segment on our own drive way, it seems like you Eva almost can´t go for a ride without capturing new QOMs. How many QOM did you capture the most in a single ride?

Oh, I don’t know. I think my personal record is in the range of 30-35 QOMs in one ride but I’m not sure


– One of your most prestigous QOM must be the segment you attacked in the Himalayas with SKODA Cycling. Do you have any untold stories to share from behind the scenes of the documentary movie “Catching breath”?

Yes, Khardung La is a nice QOM indeed and I am very proud of my effort at that altitude (the top is at about 5350 m). One detail that did not make it to the Skoda documentary was that I did not feel very well when I came back home to Switzerland. After one day I was taken to ER with an acute and severe bacterial infection. I stayed in the hospital for 6 days with IV antibiotics. So, instead of getting a nice performance boost from the high altitude the infection essentially set me back to square one again.
I have spent most of the autumn trying to regain my cycling strength.


– You recently moved from Stockholm to Switzerland. How has that affected your cycling (and your QOM collection…)?

Cycling in Basel, where we live, is very different compared with cycling in Stockholm. Stockholm is essentially completely flat, with short hills that typically take less than a couple of minutes to climb. This is a perfect place to ride in a peloton with riders of different strengths. In Basel the only flat roads are roads near rivers, otherwise there is always a gradient. The terrain is absolutely unforgiving! This makes it more difficult to ride in a peloton and you need to rely much more on your own capabilities. It is tougher to ride here in general, but I also think it is more fun! The relocation was clearly good for my QOM-collection, it opened up a new area that I could start exploring from scratch. Great fun! 😀


– While racing in Switzerland we are sure you catch some attention, but to what extent do you think your arrival has been noticed based on all the QOMs you have conquered on the roads?

Well, it seems that word travels fast when it comes to Strava… If I meet someone in the cycling community here and introduce myself, then it is not uncommon that I get the response “aha, so you are THAT Eva”
I also know there was some correspondence between Switzerland and Sweden just after my relocation when people wondered who I was 😀


– Does it happen that people contact you and complain about you ruining their QOM-collection? And if so, what do you answer?

Oh yes! People have complained when I have ridden in “their territory” or when I have been at a place where I don’t usually ride. My response is always to encourage them to take their QOMs back. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. I’m happy regardless, some competition is fun and that makes us all better riders!

Eva Riding in Umeå, Sweden. (photo credit in the picture)

– Do you have any rules for yourself on which QOMs to attack and which to leave untouched? Sometimes there are debates on whether cyclists take huge risks on both them selves and people in the traffic, just to try to fight for that prestigous commuting KOM/QOM.

Yes I do. I never aim for QOMs that are dangerous, for example, in high traffic areas or where there are lots of pedestrians. I also don’t aim for downhill segments, of my 2000 QOMs only 40 are downhill. There are also a couple of segments that I know the current QOM appreciate a lot and I stay away from those


– Well I wish I had 40 KOMs, but nevermind… 🙂 So tell us Eva, what is your secret? How do you actually manage to capture such an enourmos collection of QOM? Teach us!

You ride lots! And you enjoy exploring new roads, all kinds of roads! The best thing is if you have like-minded friends, then you can challenge each other in becoming better riders and the QOMs/KOMs are just a bonus.


– And finally, what challenges are up ahead in your cycing year of 2018? Last couple of years you have targeted the swedish championships in time trial, will that be on your schedule this year as well?

Yes, the Swedish championships in time trialing is on top of my list this year. I also want to ride well here in Switzerland and hope to make good results in some of the larger bergzeitfahren (mountain time trials), time trials, and road races. In addition to the races I am also planning some very long rides to explore central Europe, now that I happen to live here. There are so many things to discover, so many beautiful places, and so many QOMs yet to be taken! I can’t wait! 😀

-Once again, the SUMO friends wish to congratulate you on your achievement Eva, and we wish you all the best with your riding this year! And best of luck on capturing even more QOM!


// The Brute

(The documentary ”Catching Breath” is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvp4URhGooM)

A few more pictures of Eva riding in her SUMO jersey with friends in Stockholm.